Purchase Documents from the Mooney Mite Site

After two decades of service to the M-18 Community, the Mooney Mite Site will be going offline on September 21, 2018. We offer you this opportunity to acquire your own copy of Mite Site. This offer is available here for a limited time.

The Mite Site on DVD (or flash drive) will contain most of the files found in the online version of the Site. It will run on your computer, without an internet connection, so you will still be able to see the photos and read the Articles, History, Maintenance, and WAMM pages, for example. The Guestbook and Buy & Sell pages, will be missing. Pages such as the News, Owners and Register will not be updated, of course.

For an archive version of the Mite Site on DVD or USB flash drive, which will run locally on your computer, click on this button. $100

To purchase Manuals as before, click on this link.


Note that the price above includes media supplies, shipping and handling. All payments received will be acknowledged promptly by e-mail.

Please specify which you would prefer, DVD or USB flash drive. The item will be sent to you via snail mail as soon as possible.

If you wish to pay by check, my postal address is below.


Thank you!