Mites Gather at the 43rd Annual Tulsa Fly-in

Mite owners in attendance (from left to right): George Meenach, Fred Ramin, Jim Eck, George Ramin, Jim Bergo, Steve McGuire

The weatherman wasn't too friendly to those that attended the 43rd Annual Tulsa Fly-in held September 22-23 at the Bartlesville, OK Municipal Airport. The strong cold front that sent cold, wet weather all the way down to the Texas coast blew through Bartlesville on Saturday. Friday was hot, humid, and windy prior to the frontal passage. The weather turned cold and wet on Saturday afternoon. All this kept airplane attendance down. We were expecting 10-15 Mites and
only got 5. 

We still had a great time. George Meenach flew his slick 18-L in from New Mexico. Jim Bergo came down from North Dakota in his 18-C55. George and Fred Ramin came up from Houston in their 18-C and 18-C55. Steve McGuire flew

Airshow performer Patty Wagstaff getting checked out in 85PM owned by Steve McGuire and Jim Yates. EVERYBODY wants to fly a Mite!

over from Ponca City, OK in the 18-C owned by him and Jim Yates. Jim Eck of Ponca City was also there, but was unable to bring his 18-C. The Mite forum was held on Saturday. We added Culvers to the Mite group for that meeting. There were 2 Culver Cadets there along with one owner involved in his Culver restoration. 

The main thing that came out of the forum this year was a committment to make the Tulsa Fly-in a regular Mite/Culver gathering place. Everyone agreed to do it again next year and make it bigger and better. So, all you guys plan on attending the 44th Annual Tulsa Fly-in with your Mites. 


Submitted by Steve McGuire, N85PM

October 14, 2000