The Fabulous Fly-in Breakfasts at Ponca City, Oklahoma

Many aviation folks in Oklahoma undoubtably know about these, but the way Jim Eck describes them, they are a "gotta go" for anyone within a couple hours of Ponca City:

"Let me tell you a little bit about out flight club here called the PONCA CITY AVIATION BOOSTERS. Every 1st Saturday of every month we fellows gather at the club house for cooking and clean up because we cook pancakes, omelettes of your choice, biscuits and gravy, grilled premium sausage, bacon, fried taters (potatos), fresh fruits, orange and apple juice, coffee and milk for the babies.

"Last Saturday we fed 285 hungrier-than-heck pilots and passengers who came in over 90 different airplanes. We have an average of 200 people and 60-70 airplanes every time it's flying weather. We have the breakfast come rain or shine and some even fly in in the rain, they love my pancakes so much. Ha! We will sometimes have a P-51, or a T-28, or a couple of Stearmans or a Chipmunk, and all kinds of those RV things.We have a hell of a time chatting with everyone and some come from so far away they talk foreign languages.

"We charge $4 for all you can eat and some eat that much just in our fantastic grilled sausage. Oh, I forgot eggs -- we make those too. Anyhow, our breakfasts are bigger and better than most fly-ins. So if you are ever out our way, drop in.