The November '99 Fly in at Fairview, Oklahoma

A visit to "the only free flyin left in the country"

Jim Eck (N4129) and Steve McGuire (N85PM) of Ponca City attended the annual fly-in at Fairview, Oklahoma, which is always held on the nearest weekend to Veterans Day, Nov. 11th. They serve a free breakfast to all flyers and a Thanksgiving turkey is given to every 10th airplane.

In that part of Oklahoma, it is a hit or miss affair as far as November weather is concerned. It is possible to get freezing rain, snow, rain or 50 mph winds. This year was a hit, and 280 airplanes showed up from all over, ranging from a P-51, four Stearmans, three Beech 18's all the way to a Flybaby and two Mooney Mites. As the picture shows, it was a beautiful November day in Fairview.

Jim says, "Jim Franklin performed with his Jet-assisted Waco Bipe and you cannot imagine the noise, the climb of which resembles a space shuttle lift off when Jim hits the afterburner or whatever, because it goes straight up and doesn't stop unless he wants it to!"

Steve and Jim are members of the Ponca City Aviation Boosters Club, of which Steve is the President. About six other Club planes also attended the fly in and had a great time. Jim reports the Mites made 86 mph ground speed going to Fairview, and 143 mph returning home.