Canadian Mite histories

These brief chronologies were gleaned from the microfilm files of the Canadian Department of Transport. Based on photographs of actual documents, they give a bare outline of the histories of Mooney Mites, many of which have disappeared. Though brief, if carefully read, they reveal interesting stories.

CF-LHZ, M-18L, Serial Number 5 (now N612C,  owned by Leland Selting of Arizona)

CF-FAV, M-18L, Serial Number 15 (crashed, parted out -- the remains  of CF-FAV and its log are in the possession of Gil Gilbert of Kent, WA.)

CF-LKA, M-18L. Serial Number 140 (deteriorated beyond repair)

CF-LLN, M-18L, Serial Number 142 (used for parts in Denver Jacobson's C-GXTR)

CF-KKN, M-18C, Serial Number 235 (beyond repair)

CF-HFN, M-18C, Serial Number 289 (beyond repair)

CF-HFO, M-18C, Serial Number 292 (destroyed in hangar fire in Edmonton, AB)

CF-NNI, M-18C, Serial Number 300 (not flying, in North Dakota)

CF-IYQ, M-18C, Serial Number 305 (now N4138, owned by Robert Farr of St. Helen, MI)

CF-JCT, M-18C-55, Serial Number 340 (now N10301, owned by Toni Guttman of Santa Cruz, CA)

C-GIPA, M-18C-55, Serial Number 349 (used for parts by Cornelius Holmes of Richmond, BC to rebuild C-GHIY, #272 which is now owned by Jim Jenkins of Cape Cod, MA)

07 February 2001