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Mooney - a new idea in transportation

Before 1946, when Mooney Aircraft was established, A. W. Mooney, aided by his present associates, had already designed 17 different aircraft and built over 10,000 planes from these designs. Mr. Mooney's designs date back to 1925. Mooney Aircraft first established a cooperative team of management-design-production, all aiming at the economical production of a more practical and safer aircraft of the finest quality-an aircraft that would enlarge the profitable uses for aircraft.

Aircraft already had many valuable uses in farming and in industry, but Mooney believed that their profitable applications had only begun. In order to improve upon the existing usefulness of aircraft, the team considered all the disadvantages of existing aircraft in relation to potential usefulness. Then they went about systematically to correct these points. The theory that anything built can be improved upon was particularly true in the aircraft industry. So, with a vast backlog of important experience in practical aircraft design and production problems, Mooney Aircraft accepted the challenge, keeping in mind all the problems of making aircraft practical rather than sacrificing necessities in the pursuit of some one single advantage.

A one-place aircraft was decided upon because most business trips are made by one person traveling alone. The Mooney Series 18 Aircraft eliminates the costly extra size of larger planes. At last aircraft transportation costs compare favorably to automobile transportation costs.

The Mooney Series 18 Aircraft includes all the advantages of high-priced aircraft and goes further to make low approaches and landing safer, visibility better, smooth high altitudes more accessible, and ceilings higher than any other personal aircraft built.

Mechanically, Mooney Aircraft has eliminated every possible inefficiency and built an aircraft anyone can fly and maintain.

With the best possible materials and engineering, Mooney Aircraft provides you with a plane you can operate for less cost than an automobile. The Mooney Series 18 has done everything from making flying as a pastime within reach of everyone's pocketbook to increasing the profit of farming and industry. The sum total of these transportation advantages is certain to bring aircraft cost and efficiency into applications which had never before been possible.

For business, whether performance or economy or both are important in your transportation problem, Mooney's new idea in aircraft will be a great asset to your business operation. With Mooney Aircraft, you can obtain more efficient sales, better service, closer contact with suppliers, and even run your own express service on important jobs where papers or parts must be sent out or picked up quickly.

Time costs money. And you will save a great deal of time if you can eliminate a major share of your personnel travel time. Your Series 18 aircraft can travel 72,000 miles in 600 hours, which is a saving of at least 1800 hours over automobile travel. Figured at only $3 an hour, this would mean a saving of $5400. Thus your traveling personnel would be able to produce at least that much more value on your job.

And you will improve your travel efficiency over traveling on commercial airlines. You will have no worries about making connections, no schedule problems to clutter your mind, no lack of reservations, no inaccessible spots, less weather interference, and, of course, all at a much lower cost.

The Series 18 aircraft need such short take-off and landing distances (under 300 feet), your men can go almost anywhere. The good impression that fast, economical service makes on your clients will be a definite business asset. You and your personnel can be available at the office in the morning, cover a large territory during the day, and return in the late afternoon to carry out details and make reports. This will give you closer contact with your market as well as increasing Linorale by keeping your personnel home more often at night. In addition, long drives cut down the efficiency of your men when they arrive at their destination.

It is now standard business practice to prevent key personnel from traveling on the same trains, planes, buses and automobiles-endangering the business in case of accident. A Mooney one-place aircraft eliminates any possibility of multiple catastrophe.

If you require more than one aircraft, you will realize even greater efficiency by purchasing and operating two or three Mooneys for the cost of one larger plane. You will be able to have aircraft standing-by to take your personnel to the right place at the right time.

If you are now operating a larger aircraft, you probably find some limitations in their use. One of these is the necessity of keeping a pilot for your larger plane. You or any member of your staff can operate a Mooney efficiently.

A wide market area often makes possible the specialization of a business or industry which, of course, then increases the unit profit. The accompanying difficulty of maintaining contact is made easier by the Series 18.

In final analysis, we believe you will find that there are less, not more, risks in flying a Mooney Aircraft than in using other forms of transportation. More than any other form of transportation, you control the safety yourself, not depending on the efficiency of public operators or the skill or sobriety of other people on the highway. In comparison with automobile travel, you have thousands of times the space in which to operate your Mooney Aircraft.

24 November, 2000