Old Mite photos from Robert Ford's collection

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N325M photographed at Oshkosh,
probably in 1974.

[This Mite now belongs to Tim Lucero of Lompoc, California]

N346M photographed at Oshkosh,
probably in 1975.

[This Mite is now owned by Thomas Locks of Webster, Texas]

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N368A, taken at Oshkosh in 1974. 

"It was being raffled off by the EAA. I bought so many tickets that I didn't eat for DAYS. Gangly grinning flying hippie is me. You can't see it in this view, but parked just behind the Mite is a J-3 that they raffled off at the same time!" (Robert Ford)

[This Mite is now the property of Terry Railing of Lake Mills, Wisconsin]

N492M was photographed at Oshkosh, I think in 1981, but possibly '74 or '75.

[This Mite was subsequently owned by Robert and Maria Truax of Nogales, AZ from 1987 to1991 who donated it to the Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita where you can now see it]

May 3, 2000