Joel Johnston Finds CF-NNI

Another Mite has come back from limbo. Serial number 300, registered to Dr. Bernie Malhomme of Kenmare, ND, since 1965, has been "found" and purchased by Joel Johnston, N4124. Originally identified as N4136, it was exported to Canada in 1961, taking on the Canadian ident CF-NNI. It ended up in Malhomme's possession in Saskatchewan in 1965, and went into storage in 1969. It lost its C. of A. in 1974, then became a project and was moved to North Dakota by Malhomme some time after that.

Email received from Joel:

Look what I found, Dave! . . . And purchased. This would be N4136 (originally) or CF-NNI in its most recent registry. 1954 M18C previously owned by Barney Malhomme. In storage since 1969, but slowly being restored back to airworthiness. Found it in a hangar in Mandan (the one in the pic in fact) on my Mite trip through there this summer. We are road tripping it back to Spokane today and tomorrow.

David Cabbage and Jerry Johnston.