How I Bought the Mite

Submitted by John “Woody” Gillespie, N383A
Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas

Mooney Mite for sale

I had three little planes that I was working on when N383A appeared on Barnstormers. I emailed the guy and said I might be interested, not thinking much about it. Within 15 minutes the guy had called me. He gave me a price and said, come look at it. I was almost 1000 miles away so I knew then that I wasn't going to look at it. I asked for some pictures, which he sent. I still did not think much about it as I was busy trying to get another plane flying. The more I looked at the pictures the more I liked it. I think it was like a pretty woman that you see but that's all and then you began to see her in your mind. So be it with this Mite. I could not get it out of my mind! John [John Decrescenzo] and I talked every time I had a question. Then I shifted gears and began to think of how I was going to get this thing! I made another call and countered his price and he accepted. Now I knew I was in trouble. My storage area was packed full and this little plane was 1000 miles away and I did not even have a trailer to haul it on. All at once I thought ~~ I've never seen a Mite much less flown one. I heard they were really tight to inter and exit so another question arose. John said in a matter of fact way, you will fit in it. I accepted his statement as a fact and put it behind me. I asked if he wanted a down payment and his answer was, you want the plane don't you? It was a handshake to seal the event. It's been awhile since I met someone that was good for their word without any hesitation.

John worked out the logistics by telling me he had a trailer I could borrow and bring it back at a later time. He ended up selling me the trailer also. I thought, this man is really good! He opened his home to me, loaded the plane on the trailer even before I got to his place. After I bought the trailer John worked an entire day putting new lights on the trailer without accepting any compensation. I left his place as a happy being with him saying I had a place to come to for the winter if I chose to come. What a guy!

We have now started a full restoration with new paint and interior making it a show plane for the wounded warriors to show at air shows, fly ins and open houses around the country.

It is such a nice little Mooney Mite named Dy~no~mite. I like it enough even without having flown it that I plan to keep it. Thank you John!




Here are Before and After photos of Woody's N383A.