A Report from Bruce Brown on N119C


Bruce Brown, who purchased N119C from the estate of Garry Gramman, sent in the following report on developments since he acquired the airplane in the winter of 2007:


Thanks for the assembly manual. The drawings which were in Garry's hangar were missing some of this. The wing requires a new auxillary spar and general repair. I was reluctant to get all this going until I was sure the engine was in good shape. Apparently when Garry had the accident back in 1950, the crankcase was bent every so slightly. Although it performed well until now, wear was uneven on the crank. With the help of Paul Workman, we found all the necessary parts to fashion an excellent overhaul on the O-145.

I had some dead ends on getting the wing repaired, but now am in excellent hands. I can't promise any particular day for test flight, but anticipate the Spring. The airplane is special to me, and I want it in shape Garry would appreciate.

Fair winds,

The day Bruce received the plane from Garry's daughter, Kelly Oletta at El Cajon, CA.

Happy days flying the Mite from Bessemer, AL.

The damage from a hard landing in May, 2007: the gear went up through the wing.