Progress Report on N335M, Part I
by Joel Johnston

Hey Dave - I finally got around to converting of the pics we took retrieving N355M from Doc Burnside in S. Carolina and trailering her back up to Michigan. I've got them trimmed down to web size now. I have more, but these are the meat and potatoes.

We scrubbed the whole airplane down with citrus degreaser/cleaner and scrubby sponges and it lifted the dirt and most of the overspray off.

The Plexiglass was another story . . . . quite a bit harder to do, but still not insurmountable with lots and lots of elbow grease.

One note - the airplane was stored in a shop for 20+ years and it was obvious that the right wing was very convenient to use as a work bench. There was much silver paint overspray from other projects that were worked on in the presence this Mite (the man storing her is an IA/AP) as you can see by the pics. Dacron cloth is tough as nails and, yet very flexible and forgiving.

The empennage is now reattached from what I hear and the details are being dealt with. Turns out the Bendix mags needed the AD done and when they were opened up, will need complete overhaul. We will keep you posted.

This one is registered to my bro-in-law in Colville as he is the new owner. It will continue to be resurrected back in N. Michigan in my dad's (Jerry) hangar and will make the cross-continental trek once she passes her first annual inspection in 20+ years. Stay Tuned . . Joel

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