N4051 is Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey


From the New York Times, August 25th, 2017:

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex. — Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Central Texas coast as a Category 4 storm late Friday, according to the National Hurricane Center, which warned of catastrophic flooding from the storm surge and torrential rains.

The eye of the storm swept ashore with 130-mile-per-hour winds about 9:45 p.m. between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor, just northeast of Corpus Christi.

On August 29th, we received the following email from Roger Hughes:

Hi Guys,

Looks like Mite 4051 has bit the dust due to Hurricane Harvey. My hangar in Rockport, Texas is totally destroyed, looking at local news video. They won’t let me in until Monday at the Aransas County Airport. I’ll keep everyone advised.


On September 14th, we sent the following:


Have you had a chance to take a look at your hangar yet? What is the situation with N4051?


Yesterday, September 16th:

Hi Dave,

Sorry taking so long to respond. Hurricane Harvey wiped out the Rockport, Texas (Aransas County) airport where N4051 was hangared.

I know at least 3 hangars were leveled along with extensive damage to numerous aircraft. My Mite was dragged across the hangar, flipped, and turned 180 degrees before resting nose down. The tail section was found 100 yards away, but I never found the wing ends or the rear section behind the cockpit. The engine still looks good. I brought the Mite home in a 8x12 trailer, pretty sad sight. The hangars were suppose to be rated for 130MPH winds, but I am thinking tornado force gusts did the job. All I have left are the cockpit, fuel tanks, landing gear, instrument panel, and the C75-12 engine.

Now looking for another Mite!

Regards to All,
Roger Hughes
Corpus Christi, Texas

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