John Davidson delivers N4096 to Sedona, AZ

This letter was sent to us by John Davidson of Crestwood, Kentucky, who bought N4096 in March, 2004. See also his Mite of the Month article. We are looking forward to publishing a more complete report about John's delivery flight to Arizona in the near future.

Just wanted to let you know that I sold the Mite. I actually made a deal on it around the end of February but didn't want to officially consider it sold until the paperwork said it was no longer mine.

The Mite was purchased by Jim Belding in Sedona, AZ and I just completed the long journey delivering it from Kentucky to Arizona.

Sedona may very well be the most beautiful airport in the US. While it was very sad for me to say goodbye it made me feel good that it would be plying the skies in such a spectacular location.

It was a rather arduous journey with 30-40 knot headwind the ENTIRE way and some bad fuel I picked up somewhere causing some problems. But she made it there safe and sound.

I am planning on writing up an account of the trip for my own keeping but if you would like I will send it to you with some photos from along the way as well.

I really loved the Mite and letting it go was a difficult decision. But as I told you before, the loss of my Champ made this the necessary choice. It looks like I have found the airplane that is going to replace the Champ and the Mite so hopefully I will be back in the air soon.

I am attaching a few photos of N4096 at her new home including one of me sitting in her for the last time.

One other interesting note. Since putting the Mite up for sale I have heard from two of her previous owners [Dale Johnson and Winslow Jones]. They were just wanting to know how she was doing and what all had been going on with her since they had owned her. It seems that once you have owned a Mite you can never completely let go.

07 May, 2005