Harold Hanson's N4103 at Concrete, Washington

Harold's second Mite, N4103, has been slowly undergoing masterly restoration by Jim Jenkins since it was acquired from the estate of Carl Terrana back in 2005.

When these photos were taken in July 2007, the cockpit interior was the focus of attention.

N4103, a 1953 M-18LA

Frank Gomes purchased N4103 ("Tinkerbell") in Sacramento in 1961 for $1700. She was flown to Travis AFB, where the tail section was removed, and flown to Hawaii aboard a C-124. Frank reported that he flew her to every island in the Hawaiian chain. For more information about this airplane do a site Search on N4103.

We have been unable to determine when and how N4103 returned to the mainland.

Photos by David Favrholdt and Dave Rutherford