Jonathan Lee's N4121 at Oshkosh, 2015

Gil Gilbert received these notes from his friend, Brian Lee. Brian's son, Jonathan Lee is at Oshkosh with N4121, which he recently purchased from Gil. Jonathan is based at McGuire AFB.

2015-07-22 (Wednesday):

"Jonathan put 4121 on the flight line today. It's the only Mooney Mite at OSH. He says there are crowds around it all the time, and everyone wants to talk. He met several people who know you!

"Tomorrow, they're going to move him to the showcase spot right in front of the Vintage building, and want him to participate in the Vintage Review, making it a "headline airplane". Way cool."


2015-07-23 (Thursday):

"N4121 moved from "out on the line" to celebrity status today, now parked smack dab in front of the Vintage Red Barn at OSH. It draws crowds wherever it goes.

"Jonathan is to present at "Vintage Review" on Friday morning, a mini-lecture describing the airplane, etc. He has met many people who know Gil, know the airplane, or have Mites and wish they'd brought them to OSH."




2015-07-24 (Friday):

"Today, N4121 was featured at a showcase event in the Vintage Division. The airplane was parked on the showcase plaza in front of the Red Barn, with bleachers around, and Jonathan was interviewed about the airplane. He did a good job, and the airplane showed well.

"On the way back to our room, he said he'd never met so many retired colonels (7), and had no idea they had so much interest in Mites.

"He plans to leave for McGuire on Saturday morning."