Leon Buenger takes N4188 to Boyd Maddox

Leon Buenger of Pasadena, Texas put his Mite, N4188, s/n 353, crosswise on a trailer and brought it to Boyd Maddox's shop for him to put on the finishing touches. With police escort, the plane was trailered from Wolf Airpark to Houston Southwest, a distance of 40 miles.

These photos show the plane on the way to Boyd's shop where he will now give it a very thorough Annual, rig it, install the fairings, and paint the N number and trim on it.

The big guy in the gray shirt is Garry Blankenship, the motorcycle officer is Mark Chaney.

The skinny-legged guy in dark blue shirt and shorts is Steve Sundstrum.

The old bearded guy is Leon Buenger, "owner, rigger, truck driver, and jack of all trades that makes no money."