Bill Shea and his Mooney Mite, N481M

Bill Shea of Woodland, California moved down from Seaside, Oregon this past February. He and his Mite have been featured in newspaper articles twice in the past year, the first one reporting his 3400 mile, 35 hour flight from Florida to Oregon in July 1999, and the second his January 2000 flight from Astoria to Woodland.

N481MShea1.jpg (31848 bytes) N481MShea2.jpg (33808 bytes) N481MShea3.jpg (23060 bytes) N481MShea4.jpg (20080 bytes)

On the way down, Bill happened to stop over at Murray Field in Eureka, CA where Michael Hughes of the Times-Standard took these excellent photos. Thanks to Michael for providing them.

"Shea is a retired FAA associate administrator for airports. Shea, now semi-retired, does aviation research, writing, presentations and lectures." [Times-Standard, January 28, 2000]

N481M is an M-18LA, serial number 102. Built in 1950, it is the oldest LA model still flying.

May 4, 2000