Dave Dodson installs an IFR panel in N393A

Dave Dodson of Granger, IA describes the upgraded panel in his 1949 Lycoming-powered Mite:

"I finally finished the install…. I've flight tested the components and all seems well (my in-flight VOR test came out with 0 (that's ZERO!) bearing error). I'm looking forward to the trip [to the Bartlesville fly-in] so I can check out features, etc. I'm still not too sharp on using the digital CDI, it does more than a traditional one with just a knob OBS.

"Anyway, here's a picture showing the nav radio with the com and transponder mounted on top all on the wheel well, with my handheld GPS Velcroed on top with hardwired power. The panel includes a DG and AI with a turn coordinator (electric) and wind-up clock (a real find!, used but tagged at an avionics shop) plus a Terra Tri-Nav-C CDI for VOR/ILS presentation (yes, I have a glide slope!) and a marker beacon receiver to the left. I wanted to keep the look, so I did it with the original panel rather that a new one with a standard T -- I'm used to flying the old planes with random instrument placement, and the Mite's 19" x 21" panel is certainly easy to scan in any order. Soon to be an IFR certified Mite, at the latest the first week of October."

A happy footnote: After waiting through a lot of very nasty winter weather (45" of snow on the ground), Dave finally received his IFR field approval from the FAA on December 22nd, 2000.

September 22, 2000