George Meenach acquires his M-18LA, N4102, serial number 132

George Meenach of Los Lunas, New Mexico tells how he happened to find and buy his Mite, N4102. George included the following explanation when he mailed these photographs of his lovely Mite to The Mooney Mite Site:

Taken at Sonoma, California
N4102Meenach250.jpg (49108

"I purchased my Mite in September of '98. A friend and I were in California looking at a Mite that I found advertised on the net. The Mite was not what I was looking for, so we started back to Oakland for the flight home. I had heard of the Schellville Antique field in Sonoma, California, and since we were in the area, we decided to stop and visit, not dreaming we would find another Mite for sale.

We found ourselves up at the Sonoma Skypark. The manager asked what we were doing out there and we told him we had came out looking for a Mite. He said there was a Mite at Schellville that could be for sale. He called the owner and we agreed to meet at his hanger at Schellville.

Taken at Los Lunas, New Mexico
N4102Meenach350.jpg (73742

When he opened the hanger door, I knew I had been had. A young fellow there who had time in the Mite agreed to fly it over to Albuerque for me, so a week later it was in my hanger at Mid-Valley Airpark. The rest is history."

George and his Mite are featured in the current issue of the SW Aviator Magazine and will appear in a German Flying magazine, "Der Flieger" in the near future.