Ted Teach re-restores N4122

Ted's comments via e-mail (March 2008):

"I finally finished the re-restoration after the Moriarty, NM mishap two years ago [on the way to Porterville, CA in May]. I had gathered quite a few things to "put into the Mite" over the years and this was my new opportunity."

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"I have always wanted to find a way to retract the gear ALL the way up. It now does. Along with that we closed in the area around the main gear, and added doors, and somewhat closed the area around the nose gear. That, along with the new prop, increased the cruise about 8 mph. Nothing great but every little bit helps."

"I found some peculiar characteristics in retracting the gear with doors. I initially found it difficult to get the gear in the final up position. It seemed very heavy. I found if I abruptly went from climb to level the pressure eased."

"Since I had all these gathered-up goodies, a new panel was needed. It was a tight fit getting it all on the panel. Added was a 4 channel egt, a cht, a 2 1/4" T&B, vertical card compas, ELT and panel control, and then a second 760 transceiver; however this is a remote unit and operated thru the Northstar GPS."

"Now I believe the problem was caused by aerodynamic forces on the doors as they near the closing position. I find that, as I level off from climb, the final closing is with nearly no effort at all. I wonder if others with doors have experienced the same."

27 March, 2008