Jeff Helmericks upgrades N4178

Hi Fellow Mite Fans,

N4178 is back in the air again after the summer off undergoing engine overhaul and some upgrades to the instrument panel and electrical system. As with most of my little projects they seem to grow in scope as the project moves forward. In the end the list of changes included:

Now that it is done and back in the air, it all seems worth it time and expense - don't ask how much. I probably have the world's most expensive Mite.

Some observations with the new panel: The front cylinders run cold as ice, on the order of 120 degrees, while the back run at 325. After a good tape job, I have the front cylinders up to about 200 degrees - this is on a 40 degree day. You can see the CHT & EGT bars on the bottom left of the engine analyzer, because Continental numbers the cylinders from back to front, the 3rd and 4th bars are the front two cylinders, and this picture was taken after I taped up the cylinders. Fuel burn is 4.2, 50 degrees rich of peak, and 3.8 at peak, running around 22 inches MP. I also need to get the prop twisted a bit, 2380 rpm at 20.1" is a little fast for an A-65.

I have attached a few other pictures from today's flight. The glacier is up the Knik Valley north of Anchorage. The others are of the panel, the new engine and the micro switch on the throttle for the gear warning system. As I gather more data on the engine I will pass it along.

What's next? Real brakes!!!

Safe Flying,

Jeff Helmericks

10 October, 2004