George Ramin's N4160 and Fred Ramin's NC366A

Fred Ramin recently sent us this report on his and his dad's Mites in Houston Texas, along with nice set of photos:

M-18L, NC366A, Serial number 27
NC366AFRamin_2.jpg (50105
NC366AFRamin_1.jpg (70292

"In response to your inquiry of Mite NC366A, the aircraft does still exist and has just been returned to the air after a thirteen year refurbishment. My dad, George Ramin, purchased this aircraft in 1973 from a man in Galveston and flew it actively until 1986 when it was storm damaged by a tornado that hit Hooks airport. During that time he had accumulated approximately 800 hours in the airplane.

M-18C 55, N4160, Serial number 326
N4160GRamin_1.jpg (64014
N4160GRamin_2.jpg (82025

"Since I was still too young and too busy to work on the airplane, it sat until 1991 at which time we slowly began to work on the airplane. Hoping to have it at Oshkosh in '95 and each subsequent year, we finally got busy and set a goal of attending Oshkosh '99 with the airplane. I am happy to say that the airplane flew on 7/25/99 just one day before we left for Oshkosh. I flew this aircraft and my dad flew and M-18C 55 mite he had been pursuing for 15 years.

"I now have 25 hours of Mite time and am finding it every bit as much fun as I was told it would be. Mites make excellent traveling companions! My dad and I applaud your efforts and look forward to seeing the results...."

Thank you, Fred!

NC366A at OSH2000.JPG
(50472 bytes) NC366A with cover at OSH2000.JPG (53332 bytes)
N4160 at OSH2000.JPG (60988
bytes) N4160 prop card cont 85 at OSH2000.JPG (65436 bytes)

Mal Gross, N4187, who attended Oshkosk 2000, kindly sent along the following photographs -- evidence that the Ramin Mites made it to the big airshow two years in a row. Thanks Mal!

Mal included these comments with the photos: "One of the pictures of 366A is note worthy for the number on the tail:  NC366A. 'NC' used to be the US designation, rather than just the 'N' we use now. You will also note on this picture he has covered the canopy. There were lots of rain showers at OSH, and both planes were so atired. N4160 is a late model (55) and is equipped with an 85 hp.  I included the prop card because it provided information on performance that I find hard to believe."

August 15, 2000