Are These Parts Original?

Those of us who love Mooney Mites usually want the Mite to be as original as possible. Having seen a number of restored Mites, we grow accustomed to attractive and comfortable leather seats created during the restoration. The Mite I bought recently (125C) was owned for many years by Harold Gallatin, a meticulous and systematic engineer. Fortunately, he saved everything, paper work, letters, manual and other documents, some of which you can find on this site.

Therefore, much of 125C is in original condition, and I have found some interesting parts which I haven't seen before. Below are pictures of these parts, and I hope that some our readers will comment on their origin.

mysteryparts1.jpg (76216

mysteryparts2.jpg (64332

mysteryparts3.jpg (28275

mysteryparts4.jpg (51506

Picture 1 shows the seat back which came with 125C. It has a 1/2 inch steel tube frame in the unusual shape you see, and the back is leather and filled with what feels like horse hair.

The wheel well covers you see in picture 2 are aluminum with steel tubing, with a bulge to accomodate the tire, but there aren't any of the usual trapezoidal, flat sheets covering the gear legs. 

These covers are very carefully engineered and constructed, but since I haven't mounted them, I don't have the slightest idea about how they work. That will come later. If they will close all the way, they might be an advantage. They are very light.

Picture 3 is of a very clever means for eliminating any scallop when one tightens the fabric on control surfaces. A steel wire is welded to the inside of the trailing edge tube on each control surface and then threaded over the little conical spreader half way to the next frame member. 

The wire is then threaded through a small hole in the trailing edge tube, out anther hole on the other side of the member, and so on. The wire is installed under permanent tension, preventing scallop as one tightens fabric. Having had that problem in the past, this seems to be a very clever solution. I wonder if it was done on any Mites at the factory.

Picture 4 shows the very nice little hydraulic brake system apparently installed on some Mites.

I hope some of our group or perhaps Harold can shed light on the origins of these items. 

You can see the responses we received to the above article on another page. Our Mitetalk discussion forum on Milomail often comes up with useful information related to aspects of  Mooney Mite ownership. Instructions for joining can be found on our News page.

April 6, 2001