Contract of  Warranty                                                                             
                                                          Mooney Aircraft, Inc.

This CONTRACT OF WARRANTY is made in connection with and as applied to the sale
of a MOONEY airplane Model M-18, Serial No.  205,  N125C, and sold to Englewood Airport
of  Englewood, Colorado.

This Warranty is made for the benefit of the above purchaser and his successors and interest within
the period herein fixed. MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC. warrants the said airplane to be free from
defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, provided, however, that the 
liability under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing any part or parts of such airplane 
which shall within sixty (60) days after delivery of such airplane, or parts thereof, to the purchaser 
be returned to MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC. at Wichita, Kansas, with transportation prepaid,
and which upon examination shall be disclosed to have been defective.

No warranty is made with respect to parts, equipment or accessories not manufactured by 
MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC., such as engines, propellers, tires, instruments, magnetos, or
any other parts, equipment, or accessories not manufactured by MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC.,
even though not mentioned herein; and the purchaser must rely for any defects in such parts, 
equipment, and accessories upon the respective makers thereof.

This warranty shall not in any way apply to or cover any products purchased herein which may in 
any manner be altered or repaired outside of the MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC. factory.

The warranty provisions contained above are expressly in lieu of all other warranties express, 
statutory, or implied, in fact or by law, and all other obligations or liabilities on the part of
MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC. arising out of the sale or use of the airplane purchased herein,
and MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC. neither assumes nor authorizes any other person or business
organization to assume for it any other warranty or liability in connection with the sale or use of the 
airplane above referred to.

Dated this 12th day of  May, 1950, at Wichita, Kansas.