Richard Reibel's Air Driven Alternator Installation in N4050

Thanks to Richard Reibel of Pismo Beach, CA for sharing this information.

Richard's comments:

I'll be glad to share all information on the installation of the BPE-14 on my aircraft, and I am very pleased with its performance. I don't have an ammeter installed, just a voltmeter, and it performs pretty much as advertised. I did not see any major decrease in airspeed due to the alternator installation. I also can't hear any noise attributable to the turbo alternator past my own engine noise.

For further information about the BPE-14 Turbo Alternator, contact Ron Cox at Basic Aircraft Products, Inc.



Avionics bus fuse box.

Battery solenoid and 30 amp inline fuse.

Circuit breaker panel top view.

Circuit breaker panel view from right.

Ground bus.

Main power bus.