Endless Dreams --- by Jim Bethel

This poem was sent to us by Jim Bethel of Kerrville, TX. Jim once owned N4051, a 1951 M-18C which he sold in 2004.


Al Mooney had many dreams at night
Which led him to build a Mooney Mite

A "Wee Scotsman" many folks did sneer
But oh, what fun to retract that gear

When you wind her propeller good and tight
She will fly like a fighter both day and night

It costs a penny a mile, Al Mooney would say
But he didn't know about the price of gas today

With a service ceiling so high you'll never get close
Because you and the oxygen bottle will put you over gross

The last one I owned was painted white and blue
So all I had to do was trust that wood and glue

I still dream of owning another one some day
But some folks say the Mite is going away

They're more fun to fly than a Seven Forty Seven
Is it possible they are flying away to heaven?