A Painting by Bill Shea, once owner of N481M

Dear Dave,

Two or three years ago [1999] I was flying my Mite from Clearwater, FL to Hoquiam, WA to Astoria, OR.

Flying across the New Mexico/Arizona Border 10 miles east of Holbrook, Arizona, I call Holbrook Unicom, There was no air traffic anywhere for 100 miles. "Holbrook Unicom, this is Mooney Mite 481M 10 east, in-bound for landing," I said. A few moments went by. All of a sudden I hear, "Holbrook Unicom, this is Mooney Mite so/so [4122] 10 west in-bound for landing." No traffic except two lonesome Mites. Came to find out, it was Ted Teach from Akron, Ohio returning from the national Mite fly-in at Porterville, CA.

That's how I met Ted.

Here's a poor painting of the day, but from the heart.


Bill Shea.