Early Mite Accident Statistics

The following statistical information was presented by Ben Ashmead of the Civil Aeronautics Board on or about June 9 or 10, 1952. We gleaned it from Fred Quarles’ MMOA Bulletin of November 1969.

For the years 1948, 1949 and one-half of 1950, there were a total of 44 accidents recorded against the Mooney Mite. 23 were considered minor accidents and 18 were major.

16 Mites had wheels-up landings, 8 had gear collapses, 2 collided with other airplanes, 8 experienced hard landings, 4 crashed, 2 had engine failures, 3 hit obstructions such as power lines, and 1 had an airframe failure.

Three airplanes were washed out and two were involved in fatal accidents. The vast majority of pilots having accidents in Mooneys had less than 5 hours in the Mooney when they had the accident.

February, 2002