A Rare Item -- A Mooney Mite Collector's Card

After recently finding a rare made-in-Mexico 6-1/2 inch plastic model of a Mite, Dick Rank has come up with another "treasure" from eBay -- the Mooney Mite card from the Herald Tribune series of cigarette cards.

"I collect these and several other series of airplane cards that came in cigarette packs during WW II. There are two "Wings" series, one that came in Wings Cigarette packages and one that came in bubble gum. We collected them and traded them (much to the consternation of our teachers) in elementary school. Great fun, and it expanded our knowledge of performance data on every American military and civilian plane of WW II vintage. This is the only Mite card I know of."

"Another comment on the card: I noticed that a partial N number is visible on the wing, so I checked the Register. Apparently Bill Welchel (11NB) is owner of the aircraft on the card. He did some research and found that the N number was N362A originally, but it was changed to 11NB around 1950."

March 08, 2005