The Vintage Fly-In at Concrete, Washington

Concrete's annual Airport Day, this year called the Vintage Fly-In, was held the weekend of July 24th, 2009. A few cloudy periods, punctuated by one or two rain showers, turned down the heat during what was otherwise a stifling hot spell.

Concrete, 3W5, is rather small and out-of-the-way destination for some pilots, but its setting is an example of the very best the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The Fly-In was sponsored by the Skagit Aero Education Museum (

The success of the event can be attributed mainly to the endless effort of Jim Jenkins and a small crew of enthusiasts. Jim is the vice president of the Museum and director of maintenance and restoration. Most noticeably, the airport grounds were beautifully tended, thanks to grounds keeper, Andy Frausto. Not only comfortable under the feet, the lush green grass also prevented clouds of prop- and wind-blown dust which are often a nuisance at small airports.

It was a very pleasant event -- a good, old-time airport day, the kind where aviation enthusiasts can walk anywhere, look at the airplanes inside and out, and talk to the pilots. We had the pleasure of attending for a few hours on the Saturday the 25th.

There was a happy mix of airplanes, antique cars and motorcycles, kids, families and elderly folks.

WAMM member, David Favrholdt, with one of Harold Hanson's Mites, N4149E. This airplane had recently picked up an award at the EAA event at Arlington, WA (see below).

A Light Sport Aircraft by Cub Crafters of Yakima, WA.

Yours truly, Dave Rutherford, and WAMM member, Gil Gilbert.

Unidentified Diamond Twin Star, with diesel engines.

The Museum hopes to purchase Jim Perry's Lockheed 12A.

Russell Williams's multiple award winner, a 1938 Ryan Aeronautical SCW-145.

Dave Rutherford with the kind and generous benefactor of the Skagit Aero Education Museum, Harold Hanson, and his caregiver, Doggi.