Mooney Mite / Culver Cadet Fly-In, Concrete, WA
September 17 - 19, 2004

Rain and poor visibility hampered the flying at Concrete for the first two days. Nevertheless, ten owners and enthusiasts and four Mites were present. This cozy group was treated to good company and good food by Harold and Gerry Hanson


Terry and Mary Meyer came all the way from Winona, Minnesota to see that N4149E has gone to a good home. (Mary's father, Boyde Anderson, bought the Mite from Ben Workman and owned it briefly before passing away last year). They stayed in the apartment which looks out on the runway as well as down on the airplanes parked inside.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, N4118 was discovered going to waste in the back of a hangar in Connecticut.

Jim's PA-15 Vagabond and Mite wait outside Friday while N4118 is removed from its travel trailer. There were about a dozen fuselages already in the hangar.


Harold Hanson is very proud of N4149E, the latest addition to his fleet of pristine aircraft which he keeps in several hangars in Concrete. Harold's beautiful new hangar has a 5000 square foot floor area and an upstairs apartment built especially for accommodating visiting pilots.

Along with half a dozen loads of other airplane parts and pieces, Jim Jenkins trucked the Mite to the West Coast.

Saturday morning coffee in the Pilot's lounge (L to R): Mal Gross, Gil Gilbert, Terry and Mary Meyer, Harold Hanson, Jim Jenkins, and Cadet owner Carl Badgett.

In the face of discouraging weather and commitments elsewhere, several of us left on Saturday. We later learned the sky cleared on Sunday, enabling Chris Byrd to fly up from the Seattle area in N4075V. We're sorry we missed him. We understand they all went flying and plenty of photos were taken, which we hope to add to this page when received.

25 September, 2004

The photos below were sent by Mary Meyer on September 27th, 2004

In the comfortable pilot's lounge at Concrete (L to R):  Dave Rutherford, Mary Meyer, Harold Hanson, Jim Jenkins, Gil Gilbert, Mal Gross.

This shot of Chris Byrd in N4075V was taken while on an aerial tour of the area, including a flight to Baker Lake.

Jim Jenkins in his ex-Canadian Mite, C-GHIY. You can see that the weather was much improved on Sunday.

This shows the upstairs apartment nestled in the corner of Harold's new hangar above the aircraft area. The large end door seen below the apartment is one of two into the hangar.

5 October, 2004