"Mite of the Month" November '99

Michael Bolinger's 1949 M-18L, N246MM, has been totally rebuilt, except for the engine. The 65 hp Lycoming sports chromed valve covers and a Sensenich propeller. In the cockpit are a Garmin GPS Pilot and a hand held KX99 permanently mounted with a push-to-talk and a head set connection.

This airplane hung from the ceiling of the Maine Museum of Transportation for almost 20 years. It escaped from captivity and ended up in Florida, where it was the toy of a man who owned a jet charter company. It was sold to a Mooney dealer in Dallas about 10 years ago. That's when Michael bought it.

Incidentally, it used to be N398A, owned by Harold Dunn of Antioch, IL back in 1967 - 1969.