Mite of the Month, January 2000

Ben Favrholdt e-mailed to tell us about his second Mooney Mite, N66MX (formerly N122C), an M-18C, serial number 203:

"The plane was grounded in October 1965 because of extensive wood rot in the wing. The wing was rebuilt in December 1983, and the engine was overhauled also at that time. The airplane was restored by the students at Sacramento City College Aero Department, and was then painted purple by the owner Doris Loftsgaard. She then sold it to Bill Clark of Sacramento, who designed the current paint scheme.

Taken at the 1999 WAMM fly in,
Porterville, California

"I bought it in August 1989, and have now made almost 900 flights so far. It has been a very reliable plane with no bad habits.

"It still has the old (out of production) Eiseman mags. I installed platinum sparkplugs about 9 years ago, and they are still performing well.

"This plane has been an absolute joy to own and fly, and I highly recommend the Mite to any pilot who wants to get that extra kick out of life.


Taken at PTV,
Porterville, California.

Ben hosts a WAMM fly in which takes place at Porterville each year.