Mite of the Month, May 2000

Hangared in Hayward, California, N60MM is a 1951 M-18 LA model, serial number 106. It has 0 hours on that new Sensenich propeller, but about 1325 total hours on the airframe. About the airplane (which is actually registered to his wife, Karen Andrews) Michael Harms says, "it is completely sound and in good shape; a fly-it-for-fun kind of airplane, not a show plane or hangar queen. It's more for the kind of guy who would like to fly everyday after work. And it knows its own way to the Mooney Mite Fly-Ins here on the West Coast!"

As a matter of history, this Mite was registered as N495M, and was owned by Eugene Anderson of Rockford, IL in the late Sixties. In case you are interested, this airplane is for sale.