Mite of the Month for February, 2001

N363A is a 1949 M-18L, serial number 24. Like many Mites, it has a long list of previous owners. A year ago, it belonged to Ken Richards of Hesston, KS who sold it to Fred Bennett of Dallas, TX, who recently sold it to Bill Wilson of Rockwall, TX.

At this point, N363A has less than 1200 hours on the airframe and 200 hours on the engine since the last major overhaul. By all reports, it is a good-looking, good-flying aircraft.

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N363Awilson.jpg (64913 bytes)

Bill Wilson

If this has whetted your appetite for one of these nimble little works of craftsmanship, too bad you missed out on this one. However, good planes are still available — see our Buy&Sell page!

[Photos courtesy of Fred Bennett]

15 January 2001