Mite of the Month for July, 2001

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Dennis Vest of Fort Bragg, CA recently bought N4154. As a matter of fact, it was only only his second flight in the Mite when he attended the May 2001 WAMM Porterville Fly-in, as pictured below.

N4154 is an M-18C, serial number 320, built in 1954. It has a Continental A75 engine upgraded from an A65-8 at the last major overhaul. It is fitted with a Terra TX720 comm, an attitude indicator (artificial horizon) and turn & bank indicator, as well as the basic VFR instruments. Although it was recently restored to the extent of a complete recovering and paint, windshield, upholstery, tires & tubes, major overhaul of engine, magnetos & carburetor, wood propeller and new hardware, Dennis plans to make further changes and improvements.

Dennis, who started his career in aviation as a crop-duster, is now an L1011 captain for American Trans Air, regularly flying the route from SFO to HNL. Finding a suitable airfield close to home and tuning up his new airplane are his immediate goals, as he intends to commute at least part way to work in his Mite.

Since this page was prepared, we have learned that Dennis will soon be taking delivery of a stunning Reserve Grand Champion Whitman Tailwind. He has only enough room in his current hangar for one aircraft and his new hangar will not be available until next Spring. Since he does not want either bird to sit outside, the Mite has to go. He will probably be looking for a new Mite project next year. See the Buy&Sell page for details on the sale.

N4154 was previously owned by John D. Clark of Crescent, CA from 1965 to 1974, Howard L. Darrow of Willits, CA in 1994, and Elton W. "Red" Farmer of Gualala, CA until Nov. 2000.

Photo credits: Michael Harms, Dave Rutherford.