Mite of the Month for August, 2001

This is N201MM, an M-18C55 with an A65-8 engine and Beech-Roby variable pitch propeller. The proud owner is Michael Harms of Mountainview, California.


Michael flew 201MM from Hayward, CA down to the May, 2001 fly-in at Porterville, CA


The crank handle near the top of the panel controls the pitch of the propeller by means of an articulated shaft.

The following two aerial photos were taken over the orange groves near Porterville which is at the south end of the San Joaquin Valley in central California.



N201MM was previously owned by Roger M. Terry of Sunnyvale, CA in 1963, then by Fred C. Rechenmacher of Reno, NV and Truckee, CA from 1967 to 1994 who registered it as N4179 in 1971.

Note: This Mite was re-registered as N4179 before being sold to Monroe Spake in May, 2003.

July 29, 2001