Mite of the Month, February 2002

We are featuring George Meenach's N4102 this month. You may have already seen a couple of these photos in our article about N4102. George's Mite was also featured in the SW Aviator Magazine, as well as the German Flieger Magazin, März 2000 issue. However, we feel it's time this nice-looking airplane appeared front and centre here.

N4102 was built in 1953 as Serial Number 136. It is an M-18LA, which means it is powered by a Lycoming O-145-B2.

Incidentally, George is one of the lucky ones. He and the Mite live at the airpark in Las Lunas, NM.

Upgrades to the panel include a gear horn and light, as well as an electric fuel gauge and electronic volt & amp gauge. It also has a Narco 120 Comm and a Terra transponder with encoder.

If you look carefully, you can see the Big Dipper constellation on tail. The Mite spent a number of years on Alaska. We were told that N4102 arrived back in the "Lower 48" on board a DC-3.

The Mite Site records show that, among others, the following fellows once owned N4102:

John C. Suffling of Picanune, MS in 1967 - 1969.
Richard Mussgrave of Nashville, AR in 1974
Tony Puppa of California in 1994.