Mite of the Month, June 2002

N4192 is an M-18C-55, built in 1956. This airplane is of special significance. It has serial number 357, which means it was the last Mite to roll off the assembly line in Kerrville, Texas, the last Mite built at the Mooney factory. It is owned by Michael Harms of Mountainview, California.

At the end of a two-hour flight from Hayward, Michael taxies down the aisle on the way to the Mite lineup beside Bill Vandersande's hangar. He has rented a hangar from Dr. Creager and will be leaving N4192 down in Porterville.

N4192 has been put up on saw horses in Ben's hangar in order to adjust the landing gear linkage. The gang worked to improve the action of the gear lever and the fit of the wheels in their wells.

With all the help and supervision, it didn't take long for Ben and Michael to adjust the flap trim as well, so that the plane will fly straight instead of turning dramatically whenever the stick is released. If you look carefully, you can see the red fuel cap on the side of the fuselage which indicates that there is an auxiliary fuel tank under the seat.

During the Fly-ins, Michael usually stays overnight in Ben Favrholdt's "Hangar Hotel".

Michael stands in a traditional Mite Site pose beside his recently acquired third Mite. These photos were taken during the 2002 WAMM Fly-in at Porterville.

N4192 has features that we had not seen before: an 85 hp Continental engine, electric fuel pump and a starter. We found that with the extra power N4192 definitely has a speed advantage over Michael's other Mite, N401MM.

If you look closely, you should see gauges for carb heat, exhaust gas and engine temperature, an electric clock, gear lights, and a voltmeter. Incidentally, this Mite also has Cleveland wheels & brakes.

The Mite Site records show that N4192 was once owned by:

John E. Smiley of Seattle, WA in 1967 - 1976.
Thomas Clinton of Bellevue, WA in 1976 - 1996.
David R. Conoley of Midland, TX in 1996 - 2002.