Mite of the Month, September 2003

This photo was taken in the 90's. Note the dorsal fin addition and the VOR antenna.

Inside the fuselage is the battery and strobe power supply installation. Note the 6 gallon auxiliary fuel tank and electrical transfer pump.

This shows the alternator mod, with the pulleys and belt not shown. Details available upon request.

N4147 is an M-18C, serial number 313, built in 1954. It is owned by Durber Allen of St. Paul and Vern Flacksbarth of Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

N4147 has the basic VFR instrument panel supplemented by a Tara 960, 720 channel transmitter & nav, and a Tara transponder.

The Mite is flown regularly and as of August, 2003 has 784 hours TTSN.

The aircraft was disassembled in 1969 after being purchased in Sedalia, MO and flown to Minneapolis, and totally rebuilt over a period of 15 years. Durber explains it took a back seat to many other projects before it was completed. In his words,

"In 1992, Vern and I decided to take it to Oshkosh before we got too old to climb in and out of the cockpit. We never thought of winning anything, just the fun of taking it there and the fun of talking to everyone. Then, lo and behold, we were the Classic Grand Champion and awarded the Lindberg (Lindy) trophy."

To view the award, see the following magazine articles:

EAA Sport Aviation Mag., November 1993
EAA Vintage Airplane Mag., November 1993
EAA Vintage Airplane Mag., October 1993

The Mite Site files show that N4147 was once owned by:

Marden Laboratories of Bryan, TX in 1963
Rodney Russell of Craig AFB, AB in 1967-68.
Donald S. Moore of Sedalia, MO in 1969, who sold it to Allen and Flacksbarth in 1969.