This is a note from Michael McCrath on how to get to his hangar at the EAA show at Arlington, WA:

My hangar is S-4.  It's blue, and located off the southeast end of the field.  There are about five rows of hangars down there, all lined up in north-to-south orientation.  Mine's fairly easy to spot because it's in the row with the airfield's beacon on it. 

To get there, just come on down I-5 until you get to the Smoky Point/Arlington Field, exit #206, about 20 miles south of Skagit.  I'm sure you'll spot the vicinity of the field from the activity overhead, and there will probably be air show signs along the highway in the bargain.) Once off at the exit, motor east until you come to the field.  It's only about a 3/4 of mile or so from I-5.  The road crosses the south end of the field, and from there you can literally look over and see my hangar.  As the road approaches the southeast corner of the field, there's a stop light.  Make a left (north) there and proceed about a half-mile down to the main entrance where the "Arlington Municipal Airport" sign is located.  Hang a left (west) into the field there, and another immediate left (south) down the perimeter road once you're inside the gate. Right where you turn to start motoring down the perimeter road you'll see a wretched old bluish-greyish hangar on your right. That's the old Naval Air station they're trying to carve into a museum. (All they need is about 10 million dollars and it will be complete and pristine.) Chances are they'll have their B-25, Fiesler Storch, F8 Crusader and MiG-15 in front of their north door in plain sight, so kinda hard to miss.  Anyway, keep motoring along south and you'll soon come to an open gate with a sign on it warning you not to enter if you don't actually belong there. (Yea, right...) Go through the gate (you belong), jog to the right, then cut left down between the rows of hangars.  Drive on down the between-hangars taxiway/road that passes by the beacon tower. Beacon tower should be on the right side of the road as you pass by it.  Keep going to the last set of hangars.  My hangar, S-4, is on the right side of the taxiway, about fifth from the end. 

I'm going to be there off-and-on during the day.  Will be there Saturday and Sunday with Sandi and Dakota.  One's a lady-friend, the other's a Siberian Husky.  I get the two confused, but will sort it out when I introduce you. We'll have the grill on + finger food & drinks, both soft and hard, all day long. Plenty of lawn chairs, too, that we can take over to a nearby grassy area or up the Pilot Shop to watch aerial stuff.

Pilot Shop?  Yes.  If not at the hangar, we'll be down at the Pilot Shop eatery.  It's located near the north end of the field, also on the east side, just a couple of minutes drive from my hangar up the perimeter road. It's a little snack shop, plus gas pumps.  Last year, in a sort of protest to the EAA that was collecting what we regarded as exorbitant fees for parking in the Fair area, a number of us lined our planes up at the Pilot Shop and put on our own little exhibition.  It would be rather neat to have all the guest Mites rally there for a time, if they wished. Also, it's a perfect spot from which to watch the air show. We usually convene down at the grassy area in front of the nearby Glassair factory and watch from there.  (Bring your binoculars, cameras, sun tan lotion (hope it's needed), sun hat, and hand-held radio!)  Anyway, I'll be at the field Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Not sure yet whether I'll park the Mite over in the Fair area or not.  We'll see.  Would be interesting if we could all do a Mite fly-over at some point.

My phone number(s): H = (206) 935-5018   W = (206) 768-6442