Montana Antique Airplane Air Tour 2001

Jim Bergo:

"The Montana Antique Air Tour 2001 will start at Libby, Montana on June 21st.
Depart Libby for Porthill, Idaho to clear Canada customs. Then fly 50 miles north of Porthill to the airport at Crawford Bay, BC (Kokanee Springs Golf Course strip) for lunch stop. Then fly west to Nelson, B.C. for overnight stop.

"Friday - June 22nd
Depart Nelson at 8:30 AM. Fly west to Castlegar then over the High Arrow Dam (no stop) then 80 miles across the mountains to Kelowna. Overnight Kelowna, tour Kelowna Flight craft and Okanogan Aero.

"Saturday - June 23rd
Depart for Oroville via Okanagan Lake and Osoyoos. Clear customs at Oroville. Fly to Felts Field in Spokane for lunch. Depart Spokane for Kalispell. Then hopefully home with my Mooney Mite.

"For more information call Ray or Darlene Sanders - 406-752-3591 or Hank Galpin - 406-752-5016 -  Bram Tilroe, Canada"

06 May, 2001