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A collection of photos from the MMOA Bulletins of 1969 - 1971

Note: these captions were prepared in 2000. Ownership of some Mites will have changed.

harold gallatin and N125C.jpg (16800 bytes)

Harold Gallatin and N125C, 1969. This airplane is now owned by Dick Rank of Atlanta, GA who is restoring it.

N3163K.jpg (21140 bytes)

Audrey Schute in N3163K, 1969. This Mite is now registered as N41115, owned by Don Henry of El Cajon, California.

N368A.jpg (23884 bytes)

N368A was owned by John Lane of San Leandro, California in 1971. It is now registered to Terry Railing of Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

N382A Harold Simpson.jpg (31312 bytes)

Harold Simpson with N382A, a 1949 M-18L. This airplane is now registered to JOHN CASTILLO of Sacramento, California.

N4090.jpg (12148 bytes)

N4090 owned by Dalton Watts of Wichita Falls, Texas with red and white livery, 1969. It was destroyed in an accident in 1984. Read about it on the Accidents page.

N339M.jpg (36486 bytes)

Owned by Robert Carpenter of Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1969. It is now owned by Daniel Beltrami of Sandy, Oregon.

N4152.jpg (32536 bytes)

N4152, owned by Norman Martin of Elk City, Oklahoma with a fixed pitch propeller and polished C-150 spinner. It now belongs to David Jappay of Nevada City, California.

N4179 Fred Rechenmacher.jpg (27436 bytes)

Fred Rechenmacher of Reno, Nevada at the Nut Tree Fly-in of 1972. This Mite is now N201MM, owned by Michael Harms of Mountain View, California.

N495M.jpg (48346 bytes)

This Mite belonged to the "Polish Air Force." It is now registered as N60MM, registered to Karen Andrews of Mountain View, California. This plane is for sale.

N3199K 2.jpg (14064 bytes)

The last four photos are of 3199K when it was owned by Ray Campbell of DeLand, Florida.

N3199K 3.jpg (15548 bytes)

It is now hanging from the ceiling at the Udvar-Hazy Center, the NASM annex, at Washington Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Virginia.

harold gallatin and wankel.jpg (33244 bytes)

Harold Gallatin and the Wankel engine project. He planned to mount the engine in a Mooney Mite. If anyone knows the full story, please contact the The Mooney Mite Site.

N380A.jpg (30808 bytes)

Dr. Earl Sanderson with N380A. Notice the fiberglass "pressure cowl" enclosing the cylinder heads. This airplane, without the cowl,  is now the pride and joy of Jerry Jenny of Aptos, California.

N342M.jpg (26700 bytes)

Owned by J.L. Kinnison of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1969, N342M it now belongs to Kurt Etling of Amarillo, Texas.

N4078.jpg (28328 bytes)

George Loffert of Arlington, Virginia, 1969. He sold N4078 and bought his Mite back again for $1 after returning from Viet Nam. It is now registered to George Loffert Jr. of Killeen, Texas.

N4092.jpg (37388 bytes)

Ben Favrholdt's N4092, taken at the Nut Tree Fly-In, 1969. Read how it met its end on the Articles page ("Fond Memories....")

N4146 Howard McCluskey.jpg (30048 bytes)

Harold McCluskey at Nut Tree Airport, 1972. This Mite is now registered to ALL AMERICAN APPRAISAL & CLAIM of Mount Airy, Georgia.

N4156.jpg (18572 bytes)

N4156, owned by Charles Fairchild of Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1969. It was reported destroyed in a crash around 1980.

N4181.jpg (39720 bytes)

N4181, owned by Larry Dale of Colorado Springs in1969. Now owned by Glenn Bell of Hillsboro, Oregon.

nut tree lineup 1969.jpg (37248 bytes)

Lineup at Nut Tree Airport Fly-in, Vacaville, California in 1969. This was said to be "the greatest density of Mooney Mites ever assembled in the USA."

N3199K 1.jpg (15172 bytes)

This aircraft was serial number 1, and originally had a Crosley engine. However, when it was converted for a Continental engine it had to be re-registered as Serial Number 201.

N3199K 4.jpg (16336 bytes)


N101C.jpg (30083 bytes)

N101C is the Mite that Al Mooney modified and flew to a long distance record in 1950 . It is now owned by RICHARD NEMEC of Carol Stream, Illinois.

N333.jpg (24820 bytes)

John Haston of Mineral Wells, Texas, with N333M in 1970. On our Articles page, read the interesting story of how this "missing" airplane showed up again.

N124C.jpg (26756 bytes)

N124C, owned by Don Hall in 1969 when this picture was taken, is now missing.

N399A.jpg (16244 bytes)

N399A owned by Richard Saich of Vernon, Connecticut, 1969. It is now registered to Ted Koch of Vernon, Connecticut.

N4081.jpg (26340 bytes)

N4081 just after it was acquired by James Youell of Wenden, Arizona. It is now missing.

N4109.jpg (24312 bytes)

N4109, when owned by Fred Schmidt of Camden, Ohio. It is now "history."

N4161.jpg (33216 bytes)

N4161 was owned by Ray McGilvrey of Palo Alto, California. Photo taken at Nut Tree in 1969. This airplane is now owned by Jimmie Maris of Garland, Texas.

N4172 Harold Vetter.jpg (31404 bytes)

Reverend Harold Vetter in 1972. N4172 is now owned and undergoing long term restoration by Scott Royall of Salt Lake City, Utah.

N479M.jpg (23260 bytes)

N479M was owned by someone in California in 1971 when this photo was taken. It is now  N9AW, owned by Patrick Moran of Waterford, California.

N481M.jpg (32784 bytes)

N481M, owned by Roy Kirgan of Jefferson City, Missouri. It is now owned and flown by Bill Shea of Woodland, California.

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February 28, 2000