Old Mite Photos, Set II MMOA crest2.gif (17844 bytes)

A collection of photos from the MMOA Bulletins of 1969 - 1971

Note: these captions were prepared in 2000. Ownership of some Mites will have changed.

N4126.jpg (8724 bytes)

N4126 when owned by Bill Nolen of Moore, Oklahoma. Now owned by Bill Papich.

N382A2.jpg (31292 bytes)

N382A, owned by Gilbert M. Delangnes of Healdsburg, California in 1969. Now owned by JOHN CASTILLO of Sacramento.

N386A.jpg (38958 bytes)

N386A owned by Jim Dudley of Phoenix, Arizona in 1970. Now registered to Jon Ortet of Valley Springs, California.

N4179b.jpg (49321 bytes)

N4179, owned by Fred Rechenmacher of Reno, Nevada. This Mite is now registered as N201MM owned by Michael Harms of Mountainview, California.

N4057.jpg (28437 bytes)

N4057 owned by David Russell of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with his son in 1972. This Mite is now registered to WALTER DIX JR. of Winterhaven, Florida.

N476M.jpg (27664 bytes)

N476M belonged to Russ MacMillan of Tulsa, OK. Now owned by Ray Allen.

N327M.jpg (28596 bytes)

Gail Swolley of Peoria, Illinois and N327M, taken in 1972. Now registered to HFG INC. of Bedford, Indiana.

N106C.jpg (36525 bytes)

N106C owned by Mickey Faris of Saltville, Virginia in 1970, and for sale for $2500 when this photo was taken. Now registered to Jim Davis.

Nut Tree 1972.jpg (47558 bytes)

Mooney Mite lineup at Nut Tree Fly-In held at Vacaville, California on March 5, 1972.

Quarles and rig.jpg (44966 bytes)

Fred Quarles with the "Family Tuholer" at Oshkosh in 1972.

N4123.jpg (20047 bytes)

N4123 and owner Charlie Cash of Kerrville, Texas who had his Mite for sale in 1971. This Mite is owned by Chip King of Uvalde, Texas.

N4101.jpg (25237 bytes)

N4101 belonged to the Mity Air Force in 1969 and still does. This was the "Military Mite."

N380Ab.jpg (52208 bytes)

N380A belonged to Doc Sanderson. Notice the hand print on the tail. The fiberglass Pressure Cowl is missing. Now owned by Gerald Jenny.

N380Ac.jpg (54961 bytes)

Doc Sanderson's N380A again, showing close-up of Pressure Cowl.

N4068.jpg (40214 bytes)

N4068 flown by Fred Schmidt of Camden, Ohio in 1971. Fred still owns this Mite.

N4176.jpg (41195 bytes)

N4176 owned by William Ruch of Plantation, Forida in 1970. This Mite is under restoration somewhere in Arizona.

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March 5, 2000