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A collection of photos from old MMOA Bulletins

Note: these captions were prepared in 2000. Ownership of some Mites will have changed.

N4096.jpg (46836 bytes)

This may be Wilbur Tanner of Geraldine, MN with N4096 in the early 70s. It is now owned by Jim Belding of Sedona, Arizona.

N4103 Gomes.jpg (31984 bytes)

N4103 was owned by Col. Frank Gomes of Honolulu in 1973. He found it in Sacramento and had it shipped to Hawaii in 1966. It has changed hands several time since then. It was last registered to William H. McCormack of Aiea, HI, who sold it. We have lost track this Mite.

N4134.jpg (76943 bytes)

N4134, an M-18L at Denver Columbine Airport in 1976, owned by Don Mumford of Denver. Photo by Larry Dale. It is now registered as N100JM to JACK HEATH of Durango, Colorado.

N4162.jpg (42624 bytes)

This M-18 C-55, was taken in the early 70s. We're told N4162 still exists, somewhere in Arizona.

CFFAV Venne.jpg (35540 bytes)

This is Floyd Venne's CF-FAV, taken in 1973 before its demise, as described on the Articles Page.

twin mites.jpg (71336 bytes)

This matched pair of Mites, N393A and N488M are over the Cascades. They both belonged to Cecil Craig of Seattle in the 70s. Photo by Jim Davis. N393A now belongs to Dave Dodson of Granger, IN, while N488M is registered to CLINTON REECE of Greeneville, NC.

N101C 2.jpg (80073 bytes)

N101C, an M-18L at Columbine Airport, owned by Doc & Joyce Baker of Denver. Photo by Larry Dale.

N4094.jpg (72945 bytes)

Robert Reid in his N4094 in 1976. It is now registered to Michael Magnani of Valencia, California.

N18CT Titus.jpg (94264 bytes)

This photo of N18CT (formerly N4119), serial number 287, was Charles Titus' second Mite. It now belongs to Jack Hillis of Cavalier, North Dakota.

N4156 1.jpg (66512 bytes)

N4156, #322, was a highly modified M-18C, the last one built, owned by Robert Hanold of Los Alamos, NM. A C90-16F (95 hp) Continental engine drives a Beech-Roby controllable pitch propeller. it has been reported that this Mite crashed about 20 years ago.

N4156 2.jpg (67374 bytes)

N4149E.jpg (66025 bytes)

A newly refurbished N4149E owned by Jewel Massey of Indianapolis in 1974. It is now registered to Harold Hanson of Monroe, Washington.

N4101 2.jpg (36904 bytes)

N4101 belonged to the Mity Air Force (GENE SCHOUWEILER) of Minneapolis, MN

A reminder -- names in CAPITAL LETTERS are owners who have not responded to inquiries by the Mite Site.

May 9, 2000