Old Mite Photos

A collection of photos from old printed material.

early sketch.jpg (44594 bytes)

The legendary "sketch on a napkin" of the Mite in the conception stage -- attributed to Al Mooney.

N4102.jpg (37305 bytes)

This photo of N4102 is from the 1953 sales brochure for the "Mooney Model Eighteen." Notice the Scotchlite tail covering.

N4157.jpg (115344 bytes)

Notice the clean design of N4157, a 1955 Mite. The ailerons set at the wingtips give good low-speed control.

N3199K.jpg (73965 bytes)

This unknown lady is sitting on the wing of N3199K, Mite Number One.

bwBillTaylor.jpg (31168 bytes)

Bill Taylor, general manager of Mooney Aircraft.

NC3161K.jpg (119048 bytes)

This Mite displays NC3161K, a number which later became N3161K, then CF-LHZ in 1959 when it went to Canada. Since returning to the USA in 1964 it has been N612C. 

N4157b.jpg (87550 bytes)

N4157 again, from the cover of an early Flight Magazine. Is that Bill Taylor looking out?

Al Mooney letter.jpg (132732 bytes)

This letter, written to Ray Campbell, gives a rare glimpse of Al Mooney's personal life.

November 22, 2000