Crosley Aircraft Engine CC46M-2 Specification

This is the second specification for the Crosley engine used in the M-18. It differs from the first specification, dated August 17, 1948, only in that it has a Note 5, which refers specifically to the CC46M-2A engine.

                                  DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE                         E-255-1
                             CIVIL AERONAUTICS ADMINISTRATION                    MOONEY
                                       WASHINGTON                                CC46M-2

                                                                                 October 7, 1948

                              AIRCRAFT ENGINE SPECIFICATION

Engines of models described herein conforming with this specification and approved data on file
with the Civil Aeronautics Administration are rated as airworthy for use in certificated aircraft
in accordance with pertinent specifications.

Manufacturer                                 Mooney Aircraft, Inc.
                                             6301 E. Harry
                                             Airport Post Office
                                             Wichita, Kansas
Model                                        CC46M-2                                   CC46M-2A
Type                                         4LW                                       --
Reduction ratio (belt drive)                .500:1                                     --  
   Maximum continuous, BHP-RPM-Sea Level     25-3900-S.L.                              --
   Take-off, BHP-RPM                         25-3900                                   --                            
Fuel (minimum octane aviation)               80                                        --
Bore and stroke, inches                      2.5 x 2.25                                --
Displacement, cubic inches                   44                                        --
Compression ratio                            8.2:1                                     -- 
Weight (dry), lbs. (includes generator)      101                                       --
C.G. location 
    Fwd. of left rear mount, inches          7.7                                       --
    Above left rear mount, inches            3.7                                       --
Propeller shaft                              Integral flanged hub                      --
                                             Six 3/8 bolts, 4 inch circle              --
Carburetion                                  Tillotson DY-9B carburetor (Mooney No.
                                             E-251)                                    --
Ignition, Dual (battery)                     Delco-Remy X-20010 distribution (Mooney
                                             No. E-273)                                --
                                             Delco-Remy 1115378 ignition coil (  "   
                                             "   E-388)                                --
                                             Auto-lite GAS-4190 generator     (  "   
                                             "   E-338)                                -- 
Ignition timing, °BTC                        Left 6, Right 8, below 1200 RPM 
Spark plugs                                  Right, Champion Y4A  Left, Champion J10   --
Oil sump capacity, qts.                      2-1/4                                     --
Coolant capacity (engine only), qts.         1.8                                       --
Coolant                                      40% min. AN-E-2C, Prestone, or Zerex,  
                                             remainder water                           --
NOTES                                        A,1,2,3,4                                 A,1,2,3,4,5  
Certification basis                          Type Certificate No. 255                  --
Production basis                             None (See NOTE A)                         --                  

   NOTE A.
   NOTE 1.
   NOTE 2.
   NOTE 3.
   NOTE 4.

   Note 5.
The manufacturer does not hold the production certificate for the production of
engines under this type cerificate and, therefore, each engine so produced is 
subject to a detailed inspection for workmanship and conformity with the approved
data be a Civil Aeronautics Administration Inspector. In addition, the engine 
must have a satisfactory run-in including 5 hours at rated power and speed. Upon
satisfactory completion of the above, the inspector will tag the engine with 
Tag Form 186.
Maximum permissible temperatures:
  Cylinder head (at plug)              500°F
  Coolant outlet                       190°F
  Oil inlet                            200°F
Pressure limits for normal operation:
                                     Min.  Max.
  Oil inlet, psi                      40    55
  Fuel inlet to carb., psi             2     2.5
  Coolant inlet, psi                   *     7
    * Coolant flow 10 gal./min. minimum at 3900 engine RPM
The following accessories are eligible at the indicated additional weight:
                                     Weight, lbs
  AC No. 1538923 fuel pump              
 (Mooney part No. E-272)                2
A shield must be provided for the propeller shaft driving belts to prevent their
contact with water, other liquids and foreign substances of all kinds.

Model CC46M-2A differs from model -2 in that numerous changes in detail design
have been incorporated in the cylinder block, and other parts. The external changes
include relocation of oil filter, breather, fuel pump and left spark plug boss.
                                                    (signed by) Charles F. Dycer
                                                      Director, Aircraft Service