Forrest Lovley Acquires N4068

This e-mail and photo were sent to us by Forrest Lovley of Jordan, Minnesota


I purchased Fred's Mite, N-4068, from Darrell Campbell, who inherited it after Fred passed away. Since it hadn't flown in 5-6 years, I decided to trailer it home the first week in October. Three of us, Darrell, my friend Pete Kroll, and myself, had the tail off and the airplane loaded and ready to haul in about four hours. I have included a picture of it on the trailer sitting on its gear with the tail cone tucked underneath...that's me on the left and Darrell Campbell on the right. It sure attracted a lot of attention going down the road at 70 MPH while sitting sideways on the trailer.

I have uncovered the airplane since the Grade A fabric had been on there since 1960...the fuselage cone had been double covered over the original factory fabric from 1952. All the wood seems to be in great shape. There was a large mouse nest in the left wing, but they don't seem to have done any damage...just carried stuff in and built a home. Naturally, all the trailing edges on the control surfaces were all pulled out of shape, but I have them all straightened out, and recovered with Dacron. I'll try to keep you posted on further progress.

Forrest T Lovley