Mooney Mite Specifications

The following two documents are exact copies of the originals published during production of the Mite by Mooney Aircraft, Inc.

MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC.                                                    Wichita, Kansas
                                 Specifications – Model M-18L
                                          July 21, 1949

    The following performance figures were taken from the Official CAA Type Test data. 
    The first column is for maximum gross weight with the highest pitch propeller, and
    the second column is for minimum weight with the lowest pitch propeller, (includes 
    Pilot, Oil, and 6 gallons usable fuel).
    Maximum Speed                                          138 MPH               138 MPH
    Minimum Flying Speed, Power on                          38 MPH                36 MPH
    Possible Speed Range, (Change of Pace)                 100 MPH               102 MPH
    Landing Speed, Power off                                43 MPH                41 MPH
    Free Air Stall, Slow Approach, Power off                45 MPH                43 MPH
    Take-off Distance to break ground                290 to 698 Ft*               250 Ft
    Distance to Take-off and Climb 50 Ft            525 to 1000 Ft*               415 Ft
    Rate of Climb at Sea-level                         1090 Ft/min           1300 Ft/min
    Landing Run                                             240 Ft                220 Ft
    Landing over 50 Ft. and Stop                    860 to 1200 Ft*               800 Ft
    Service Ceiling                                       19400 Ft              23200 Ft
    Absolute Ceiling                                      21300 Ft              25100 Ft
    Climb to 10000 Ft                                       12 Min                10 Min
    Optimum Cruising, 10000 Ft on 2/3 Power                125 Mph
    Sea-level Economy Cruise on 1/2 Power                  115 MPH
    Fuel Capacity, Usable                               11 Gallons
    Range at Optimum Cruise                              390 Miles
    Range at Economy Cruise                              440 Miles
    Economy                              35 to 40 Miles per Gallon

        *Higher figures are based on conservative Take-off and Approach speeds for 
        inclusion in CAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual.

    Gross Weight, Normal Category                         780 Lbs
    Empty Weight, Approximately                           500 Lbs
    Useful Load                                           280 Lbs
       Fuel, 11 Gallons, 80 Octane
       Oil, 4 Quarts
       Baggage, Normal Category, 40 Lbs; (No Baggage in Utility Category Operation).

Wing Span 26 ft 10½ in.
Length 17 ft 7¼ in.
Height 6 ft 2½ in.


Wing Area 95 sq ft
Wing Loading 8.2 lbs per sq ft
Power Loading 12 lbs per HP
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Power Plant

Engine – Lycoming Model O-145-B2, 4 Cylinder opposed aircooled engine, rated at 65 HP at 2550 RPM at Sea-level.
Propellers – Sensenich Model 66CB-54
Exhaust Collector – Stainless Steel, Cross-over Type.
Carburetor Air Heater.
Altitude Control Carburetor, Marvel Schebler MA2-A.

Landing Gear

Tricycle type with steerable nose wheel; Firestone rebound control rubber shock units for easy riding and low maintenance cost; Hand retraction by lever in cockpit. Main wheel brakes operated by toe pedals. Mooney Model W-1 main wheels and brakes, and Model W-2 nose wheel provided for long life and low upkeep. 4.00x4 six-ply tires with heavy non-skid tread provided.

Standard Instruments

Flight Instruments; Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, and Compass. Engine Instruments; Tachometer, Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temperature Gauge, and Fuel Quantitiy Gauge.


"Safe-Trim" Control for Flaps and Stabilizer. Conventional, unrestricted three-control system with stick and rudder pedals. All "Safe-Trim" setting provide optimum performance and safety. Trim changes due to power setting changes are minimized with this device.

Standard Equipment

Sliding hatch for maximum visibility and ease of entering and leaving, with ventilation opening position provided. Fiberglass insulation provided. Cockpit is upholstered with long-wearing imitation leather. Comfortable seat with provisions for either cushion or parachute. One cushion standard.

Exterior Finish

Aluminum finish with stripe design on sides of fuselage, and double stripe effect on fin and rudder. Wing tip painted to match stripe.

Direct Operating Cost – Per 100 Miles

Gasoline 68¢ to 77¢
Oil 5¢ to 7¢
Total 73¢ to 84¢

CAA Approval Basis

Type Certificate No. 803, Dated March 15, 1949. CAR 03, Normal and Utility Categories. CAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual provided.

Optional Equipment

Cabin Heater with Summer Cold Air Attachments. Solid Painted Engine Cowl blending into standard stripe. Propeller Hub Spinner. Ash Tray. Carburetor Air Filter. Extra Seat Cushion. Electrical Power Supply. Navigation and Cockpit lighting. Landing Light. Radio Equipment. Stall Warning Indicator.

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MOONEY AIRCRAFT, INC.                                                    Wichita, Kansas
                                MODELS M-18C, STANDARD AND DELUXE
                                       April 10, 1950

Gross Weight increased to 850 lbs. Main Landing Wheels spaced forward to improve Take-off & Landing Characteristics. New improved SAFE-TRIM with simpler linkage and greater C.G. Range. Higher Flap-down trim speeds. New Sparkling finish in three optional colors. Additional Baggage Compartment of 35 lbs on STANDARD Model, utilized as Battery Compartment on DELUXE Model. Finer and more attractive Upholstery. Smoother Throttle action. Airfoam Set Cushion. Finer Cockpit fittings. Folding Seat-back making Baggage more accessible. Improved Cockpit Sealing. Starter, Generator, Battery, Position & Cockpit Lites, Cabin Heater, Spinner & Ash Tray included with DELUXE Model. Improved Flottorp Cruising Propeller. Customer may furnish his own Continental A65-8 for STANDARD Model at substantial price reduction.


Maximum Speed, over 140 mph; OPTIMUM CRUISING SPEED, 130 mph; Minimum Speed with Power, 40 mph; Landing Speed, 43 mph; Slow-approach Stall, Power-off, 45 mph; Optimum Take-off Distance, 300 ft; Landing Distance, 240 ft; Climb at Sea Level, up to 1100 ft per min; Service Ceiling, 19400 ft; Absolute Ceiling, 21400 ft; Climb to 10000 ft, 12 to 13 minutes; Range at Optimum Cruise, up to 350 miles.


Gross Weight, 850 lbs; Empty Weight, 520 lbs; STANDARD to 580 lbs DELUXE; Baggage, up to 75 lbs STANDARD, 40 lbs DELUXE; Fuel, 12 Gallons total; Oil, 4 Quarts.


Wing Span, 26 ft 10½ in; Length, 17 ft 9 in; Height, 6 ft 3¼ in; Wing Area, 95 sq ft; Wing Loading, 8.95 lbs per sq ft; Power Loading, 13.08 lbs per H.P.


STANDARD Model, Continental A65-8; DELUXE Model, Continental A65-12; Flottorp Model 65A64 Cruising Propeller; Stainless Steel Cross-over Exhaust Collector; Carburetor Air Heater; Marvel Altitude Control Carburetor.


Hand Retractable Tricycle gear; Steerable Nose Wheel; Toe Brakes, on Main Wheels; Firestone rebound-control Shock Units; Firestone 4.00x4 Tire Equipment.


VFR Flight and Engine Instruments standard; Improved SAFE-TRIM Control of Flaps and Stabilizer; Unrestricted Stick and Rudder Pedal Control; Sliding Hatch with unmatched visibility; Parachute Provision; Fiberglass Insulation; Complete Optional Equipment available.


Direct Operating Cost, 75¢ to 90¢ per 100 miles; CAA Approved, Type Certificate No. 803; Approved Flight Manual provided. See Dealer listed below or write factory for full price and financing information, and for demonstration arrangements.