Photos of N6192C by Don Krieger Sr.

As reported elsewhere on the Mite Site, N4138 (now a restoration project for owner Bob Pike) spent some time in Canada, then returned to the USA as N6192C in 1957. Once again, a Mite enthusiast has come through for us. Recently we received the following report and photos from Don Krieger, who owned the Mite back in the 70's.


Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delayed response. Have e-mailed pics of N6192C (now N4138). The quality is not too good - you can use them however you like and/or alter them as you see fit.

One pic is in front of the hangar where I based the plane at Akron Municipal Airport. The others were at Columbia Airport, Columbia Station, Ohio (still open). My son and grandson surprised me by arriving in a Skyhawk that Sunday morning after I flew in for breakfast. (1974).

Like I told you before, N6192C was a great little plane. Yes, I do have the info about the hard landing at Edmonton while under Canadian registry and almost new. Ironically, I made my solo flight in a Canadian "bush" plane at Edmonton in 1947 while stationed there with the USAF and on detached duty with the RCAF at Edmonton airport. I thought my Mite a very easy plane to land, and flew it on instead of a stall, preferring hard top runways. Even after a failed airspeed indicator on take-off I was able to fly the pattern and land without difficulty.

Thanks for your interest. I shall continue to check the Mooney Mite Site. If I can help in any way, please let me know.


Don Krieger Sr.

N6192C, a 1954 M-18C at Akron Municipal Airport, Ohio, taken in 1974.


Columbia Airport, Columbia Station, Ohio

24 July, 2005